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A creative space for every creative


No More Apps

Co-design & Customization

Every creative team has their own system for how to get things done. 

Storyboard. Schedule. Lookbook. Message. Budget. To-Dos. Working with companies and organizations, we design and deploy a customized solution that reflects how teams actually collaborate and manage their projects. 

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A System That is Built to Evolve

Integration & Adaptation 

There is always new technology.

We've built our adaptive framework to integrate the existing tools with the latest technology in the market from augmented reality to a distributed ledger system.

Stella members get first access to the experimental tools that can expand their collaborative capacity. 


Ready on Day One 

Designed for Today's Teams

Universal Access

Stella provides universal access on all desktop and mobile devices. The platform is further capable of working offline by creating a secure local network for real-time collaboration functionality in remote deployments.


Stella can utilize 100% of existing IT structures and import data from current management solutions for a seamless migration to the platform.


Stella mitigates key data risks with industry-leading security practices while ensuring rapid access to project information when needed.


Join Us

Stella development program

Since its inception, Stella has been developed in collaboration with executives and creatives in media and design industries.

Participation is currently limited to invitation only. If you would like to learn more, please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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